We offer our new COMMUNITY kitchen classes aimed at young people, families and adults, later in 2023 we shall also offer targeted Masterclasses.

Each workshop offers participants an insight and opportunity to explore new flavours, tastes and food from around the world, alongside kitchen and food hygiene. The workshops are very interactive, practical and hands-on. Participants will leave the workshop having created their own dish from start to finish, and will aim to take their food home to share with family or friends (if there are any left overs!).

Workshop Delivery

We offer Family tickets for classes where any child under 12 may attend with an adult. These tickets offer three places with a combination of either one adult + two children or two adults + one child. Additional child places can be purchased alongside the family ticket

Most of our standard community classes are suitable for anyone aged 8 or over where no physical cooking is required by the participant, for example where we place produce in to the ovens. Any activity that requires the use of portable hot plates / stoves an age limit of 12+ will be quoted.

Workshops vary with some offering a complete cookery class, where participants prepare ingredients, produce and cook the food from start to finish. Other workshops may involve shorter 45min decorating classes such as cookies, biscuits or cupcakes. These are ideal for families to get involved together or simply to send the kids along to.

We also offer tailored ‘Group workshops’ which are suitable for larger family groups, work colleagues etc.

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